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Getting started

I offer a safe and confidential space for you to be able to explore, accept and heal.

Reaching out to a psychotherapist can feel really daunting, so I welcome an introductory initial session during which we can both talk about how we may like to work together. We can talk about your reasons for seeking therapy at this point and what you feel you would like to gain from the process. We can also chat through what sort of commitment is required, how it works and any other questions you my have about myself or the process of psychotherapy. Initial sessions and all other sessions are at my current fee of £30 per week, you are welcome to email me on [email protected] or call/text me on 07561 718 742 to arrange an initial session with me.

In my experience, every person who comes for psychotherapy is unique and it is important that I work in a way that suits you and what you wish to bring. You may just want to have the space and time to explore your issues and to be with someone who can understand how you feel. At other times you may need support through a particular crisis with a more focused approach. I am comfortable working in either of these ways. How we work can be discussed between us, and may continue to change and develop as we get to know each other better and we form a mutual, therapeutic relationship.

If we decide to continue we shall agree on the dates and times of our meetings and from then on those sessions will be yours. Regular attendance and continuity are important in therapy as they give a reliable feeling of structure to the process.

The safe environment of therapy sessions enables a client to gain awareness of what they do and how they do it. Therapy allows clients to recognise how they limit or control their behaviour in the here and now and how that has a profound impact on their wellbeing and relationships in general. This process of self-discovery may be accompanied at times by powerful emotions such as sadness, shame, anger, grief, disappointment as well as relief, joy and pride.

While I interweave a wide range of theoretical and experiential sources, I like to work in different ways to meet the range of client needs. My intention is to build transformative and restorative relationships with my clients that enable them to continue to learn and grow.

As a psychotherapist and with personal experience, I have encountered the invaluable process of relating in the healing therapeutic relationship as well as with others outside the therapy room, enabling a new sense of self awareness, being and relating with others.

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